Bodmer Lab

branding graphic design

The Martin Bodmer Foundation maintains an exceptional collection of written documents, extending from the very first traces of writing right up to the present day. All these have been gathered together as important witnesses of world literature. The Bodmer Lab is employing digital technology to develop its research into the structure of this archive of the human mind.

Mephistopheles was used for the logo and overall visual style as a metaphor for the lenghts we, as humans, are ready to go for knowledge and pleasure. The actual logo shape was inspired by a silhouette drawn by Polish designer Roman Cieslewicz for the Faust theatre poster. At the same time it resembles an ex-libris, a stamp used to mark books from private collections. The grid is calculated in the same manner as the old manuscript grids, offering flexibility for different formats as well as acting as a base for memorable compositions.

Project designed for Storience. Proposal not approved.

  • Client: Universite de Geneve
  • Managing Partners: Adriana Liute, Ioana Proca
  • Senior Advisor: Stefan Liute
  • Designer: Raluca Ciubotaru
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