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Treizecizero (30-0) is a romanian online tennis publication with a solid base of 430k unique visitors a year that has always experimented with new media and formats: podcasts, live TV shows, fan stories turned into comics, fan reporting from tournaments, theme-based micro-sites. Their website became too restrictive for their ambitions, and their logo and visual style felt outdated. To maintain their financial health and uncompromised content, the publication also planned to launch a line of branded merchandise for sale, which meant they needed a highly appealing visual identity.

The new logo and visual style use a tennis metaphor - "painting the lines" - to convey the publication's courage. The "3" in the logo depicts the ball falling close to the court line, thus telling the story of a courageous game style. Similarly, key headlines "paint the lines" of the tennis court, which form a flexible layout grid.

Project designed with Storience.

  • Client: treizecizero.ro
  • Managing Partner: Adriana Liute
  • Senior Advisor: Stefan Liute
  • Senior Designer: Ovidiu Pop
  • Designer: Raluca Ciubotaru
  • Animator: Ana-Maria Taranu
  • Web development agency: Live Design
  • Web Developer: Bogdan Gheorghe
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